Ronald L Capone & Associates

Here is a sample of some of the projects we have completed for our clients. Each project leveraged client data to provide useful insight, made data easy to use, smoothed workflow, or reduced day to day effort. Each provided measurable benefit.

EIA Open Data API Series Consolidation Demonstrates a method for selecting and consolidating multiple energy data series into time-matched data rows for use in downstream applications like data mining. This project is currently in beta.

Climate Change Adaptation. A proof of concept project for the US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development to demonstrate delivery of information payloads to small and mid-size communities that have limited expertise and resources.

Non-Parametric Modeling Of Distillate Fuel Demand. Designed and implemented models that predict de-mand for low and high sulfur distillate fuels to evaluate respondent submissions to the US Department of Energy.

Prediction Of Natural Gas Prices. Designed and implemented systems that predict natural gas price spreads and also predict trading opportunities in cash markets. This project also developed probability distributions for use in trading forward markets.

Neural Network Research and Development. Constructed, trained, and implemented neural networks to forecast emissions of industrial air pollutants, control combustion processes, estimate consumption of industrial chemicals, pedict industrial fuel use, forecast electric utility generation, forecast industrial fuel prices, forecast energy consumption, forecast financial and monetary activity and control combustion systems. Networks have been built for private and federal clients.

Computational Intelligence Applications. Provided consultation and system development to federal and private clients in neural networks, fuzzy logic, case-based reasoning, evaluation-based generalization, PROLOG programming techniques, and information systems development.

Risk Management Information Systems. Designed and implemented RiskView to present asset, payroll, activity, and loss information utilizing geographic and conventional data management systems. RiskView is a GIS based information platform used to conceptualize, analyze and manage retained and insured cor-porate risk.

Ocean Marine Insurance Certificate Issuance & Management Systems. An automated system for issuing and managing certificates of insurance by insured companies who own open cargo insurance policies covering blue water cargo transportation.

Marine Chemist Certificate Systems. Developed ChemCert to automate preparation of Marine Chemist certificates and promote shipyard safety. ChemCert is now offered to certified Marine Chemists through the National Fire Protection Association in concert with the Marine Chemist Association and the Marine Gas Hazards Control Program.

Internal R&D

RLCA maintains a continuing program of research and development in order to find new ways of extracting information. Recent projects have concentrated on: