Ronald L Capone & Associates

We will always find for our clients the value embedded in their data by deploying and developing nimble tools that start with data, include business rules and domain knowledge, and deliver information that people can use in their business or daily lives. We will achieve our mission through constant adherence to the following principles:

1. First, understand client needs.
2. Always honor client wishes.
3. Understand and respect client workflow.
4. Use paradigm-breaking applications and methods where necessary.
5. Give people tools that present data and information clearly and efficiently.
6. Achieve attainable perfection relentlessly.
7. Provide measurable results.
8. Work efficiently and effectively at the lowest lifecycle cost.
9. Maintain intellectual honesty and stand behind everything we do.

We will always remember that what we do is a means to an end. It is not the end in itself.

To the RLCA team, our project implementation doctrine guides every aspect of what we do for you: data acquisition and development, analysis, modeling, software selection and development, reporting, training, and post-project support.

Implementation is how we do things for you. Whether we build software or do something else, we follow four guidelines:

  • Communication and feedback
  • Interim work products
  • Collaboration
  • Embracing change

Every project is assigned to a manager who is responsible for everything. He or she also does technical work. We have no pure managers because we believe you cannot understand what you don’t personally work on and you cannot manage what you don’t understand. This also keeps overhead – and your cost – sensibly low.

You will receive interim work products often because we expect your input and guidance. Your input keeps us from making mistakes, doing things that provide little value, or delivering things you don’t need. We view our engagement with you as a collaborative effort in which you define the mission and we provide the execution.

Change and redefinition are an integral part of any project. Sometimes called creative chaos, change ensures delivery of useful results. If a mission needs adjusting, we will adjust it. If a plan needs changing, we will change it.

In short, we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

We use and maintain a variety of tools and skills. If additional or special purpose tools are needed for a project, we will aquire them. Our associates also have tools and skills that are not listed here. We can, and do, reach out to people and companies whose skills and experience supplement ours. Their cost is passed on to our clients with no overhead except in the most unusual circumstances.

Predictive Analytics & Operations Research
Linear Programming
Network Analysis/Graph Theory
Neural Networks
Monte Carlo Simulation
Data Mining
Pattern Recognition
Cluster Analysis
Fuzzy Logic

Programming Languages, Markups& Database Tools

Tools & Integrated Develpment Environments
Visual Studio .Net
M/S Office
Crystal Reports
Crystal Ball
R Studio
Balsamiq Mockups

Visualization, Image Processing & Graphics
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Fireworks

Here are the clients we have served over the past 25 years. Each client has broadened our perspective because each of the assignments they gave us has been unique.

Public Sector

US Department of Energy
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of Defense
US Department of Labor
US Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Insurance Administration
State of Illinois
State of New York
Municipal Governments

Private Sector Industries*

Commodity Trading
Economic Development
Electricity Generation
Finance & Banking
Health & Safety
Professional Associations
Professional Services
Risk Management
Technical Services


* We do not disclose private sector client identity. Only their industries are listed.

Ron Capone founded RLCA in 1991 with the idea of offering clients innovative information technologies without the high overhead and organizational expense of large companies. A twelve year career at a then-prominent, national firm convinced him that the focus of a large firm often strays from the client's interest.  With that in mind, Ron's primary motivation became finding and delivering client needs as efficiently as possible.  And clients responded!

To see a downloadable (pdf) version of Ron's resume, click here.

Over thirty-five years experience turning data into information for government agencies and private sector firms:
  • Predictive analytics, operations research and economics
  • Database design, pattern recognition and data mining
  • Web database application development
  • Econometrics and non-parametric modeling and forecasting
  • Software design, implementation, testing and client turn-over
  • Local government planning & economic development
Project areas include energy and environmental issues, information extraction and communication, and software product development.

A Method for Improving Process Control by Reducing Lag Time of Sensors Using Artificial Neural Networks, United States Patent Number 5,832,468

A Method for validating vector valued models using an artificial neural network, 61/396,781 patent pending (lapsed)

1991 – Present Managing Director, Ronald L. Capone & Associates
and predecessor firms
1979 – 1991 Senior Economist & Mathematical Modeler
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Pre-1979 Equitable Environmental Health
Dewberry & Davis
University of Calgary

Leisure Interests

Leisure interests include photography, backpacking and mountaineering, birding, bicycling, shooting sports, and related outdoor activities. Ron is an avid reader in a wide range of subjects. Previously, he has been a planning commission member, a member of an industrial development authority, and a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He was also a Realtor in North Carolina.