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From time to time we post articles that may be of interest.  Some are technical, some general interest, and some are editorial.  We hope none give offense.  It is our wish that these articles provide insight and a different - hopefully novel - point of view.  They will usually be announced by social media or direct email.

Articles on climate & the environment.

Threshold effects: An Alaskan village is an example.

Articles on energy.

Exploring Balancing Authority Relationships using an interactive browser that shows relationships among balancing authorities (BAs). BAs in four regions (Florida, Southern, TVA, and the Carolinas) are used in this example. Interconnections are shown in red. Actual demand, generation and exchange data have been omitted.
Panel Data Support Mining, Analysis & Visualization by combining time series with other numerical data and with non-numerical data. With a good mining workbench, patterns in the data show up.

General interest articles.

Will the future be like the past? Answer: what was the past like?
Hyper-sphere mapping: Minimizing the effect of outliers.