Ronald L Capone & Associates

When we opened for business in 1991 the modern IT age had just begun. Most serious work was done on mainframes and there was no World Wide Web. Personal computers were still relatively small, slow, and limited by available software. Theoretically possible tasks were very difficult and expensive. As we worked and watched, the IT world evolved. Tasks that were once just theory became practical and then commonplace. And the pace of evolution continues to gain steam! RLCA is grateful to have been a part of that.

Our role is to turn data into information that can be used to solve practical problems and provide insight into the issues facing government and industry. The world is now awash in data - “Big Data” is the common rubric. But conceptualizing problems and solutions remains – as it always has – a key constraint on finding the value in any data. That is where we come in. Because of our broad experience and deep tool stack, we bring novel, efficient solutions to the table.

                At A Glance

Founded 1991.

Over 40 total years of experience, 25 since founding.

Served 8 federal and state departments and agencies and 14 private sector industries.

Worked in 20 programing languages and many specialized tools.

Experienced in problem conceptualization, predictive analytics, data mining, network analysis, visualization, programming, database design, web site development, public speaking, and client training.

Versatile, evolutionary, dedicated to low life cycle cost, and relentless in pursuit of client wellbeing.